Why Girl Power is My National Anthem

As I grew up hearing the song "Girl Power" on The Cheetah Girls, I always thought that the song had a great beat to it. I was initially intrigued by the dance moves and how swift and confidently the Cheetahs moved. However, as I continued to listen to the song more and more as I navigated the world around me, I realized just how empowering this song really was. For me, being a woman in this society is always a struggle because I am constantly being bombarded with people thinking that they know what is best for my life. I had difficulty seeing my potential to do great things in my life just because of pre-existing stereotypes about my gender that I found myself believing. "Girl Power", however, liberates me and makes me feel alive. Some of my favorite lines include, "Sometimes life may get you down, but you better hold your ground. Can't nobody live your life but you. Stay true to who you are, and always follow your heart." I live true to these lyrics now because I am my own boss and I need to let the world know that despite the negative comments surrounding me. Staying true to my passions, desires, and needs has now gotten me to a place of pure bliss and joy.


#girlpower #cheetah #feminism