How-to-Cheetah Inspired Growlin' Eye Makeup 

Before you watch the film, get into the Cheetah spirit and decorate your eyelids with these different Cheetahlicious looks. Various looks illustrated include:

Hot pink, bold blue, and daring gold.


Look #1:Hot Pink 

Look #2:Bold Blue

Look #3:daring gold




How to apply growlin' eye makeup

What you will need to look poppin

mascara, liquid eye liner, a kohl pencil eye liner, eye makeup brushes, eye primer, eye cream, moisturizer, and a beautiful eye shadow palette  

  • Step 1:  apply that base. make sure you are starting with a clean eye. ensure to follow up with a moisturizer or an eye cream. using a makeup brush of your choosing, add a primer for a longer lasting, polished, timeless look.

  • Step 2: choose your eyeshadow. be sure to utilize the hot pink, bold blue, or daring gold color to highlight your inner cheetah.apply the color of your choice with your makeup brush, starting from the center of the eyelid and then sweeping it toward both the inner and outer corners of your eye.

  • step 3:apply your liquid eye liner. starting from the inner eye, apply eyeliner to make the eyes more defined. A cheetah's eye needs to have that dramatic look to it!

  • Step 4: Follow up with mascara. Make your eyes extra cheetahlicious by applying mascara for volume to your lashes.

  • Step 5: apply your Cheetah spots. with your kohl pencil eye liner, start drawing cheetah spots on your eyelids. don't be afraid to mix and match the shapes and sizes of your spots for a more natural cheetah look (see images above for a demo)

Voila! Your eyelids are now