​This is a text outlining the most commonly used words and phrases in the cheetah girl vocabulary. become more informed on the cheetah girl lingo down below!

Cheetah Chatter 

Cheetahlicious: something that is tight, appealing, and captivating to the eye

growl power: the power and intensity that one exhibits

chomp cheetah: terminate the controlling/domineering attitude associated with being a cheetah girl. 

cheetah crazy: unbelievable and wild

girl power: pride that one has in being an influential girl

drama and kaflama: too much chaos to handle; a mess of emotion associated with a series of events

"our spots are different, different colors": celebrating the beauty and diversity of the different ethnicities and personalities of the cheetah girls

"No more cheetahs in the jungle": the cheetahs are no longer in the territory that they are the most familiar with (this is not a good thing!)

"The Cheetah Girls do not run with wolves or hang with hyenas": The cheetah girls do not have time to play around with people who will do harm to them or not help support their dreams

Here are additional iconic cheetah girl quotes

to keep dear to your heart

  • "The Cheetah Girls follow their own dreams and nobody else's"​

  • "We depend on our family and our friends and the growl power of the cheetahlicious divas who came before us to see us home."
  • "We're gonna be stars our day, our way."
  • "We call ourselves the cheetahs because they’re the fastest and fiercest Feline in the jungle."
  • "if he can't respect my art, he can't have my heart."

  • "the cheetah girls are unavailable."

  • "I'm gonna be a star. do i have to be solo or are y'all ready to hit it big time?"​

  • "You're a cheetah girl because of who you are and what is in your heart."

  • "Oh no, I wear prada or nada, mama."

  • "well, y'all know how you do it in texas. always ride with your spurs on, girls."