Participatory Events

Always wanted to be an active part of the Cheetah girls movie? Then follow along during this special screening of the cheetah girls where you will be able to partake in two events, "Keep a diva in Check" and "Cheetah a capella growl-down." though you can do this on your own time with your close cheetah friends, come out to our organized participatory screening of the cheetah girls Wednesday, November 29th at a school theater near you!  

Throughout the film, galleria's passion for the cheetah girls begins to take a toll on her friendships with the other girls because of her increasing need to be the "boss" of them in the midst of jackal johnson's presence. to emphasize how much we need galleria to stop this "i am the leader" mentality of the group before she ruins her relationship with her cheetah girls forever, we as fans need to do something about it!

  1. Listen to the tone, body language, and verbal language of galleria when she is speaking to her friends.

  2. Whenever you hear galleria say something that is domineering, controlling, or bossy,prepare to get your cheetahlicious diva bags out. 

    •  after galleria's comment, the movie will be paused for 2 minutes so that fans can prepare for their participatory event. 

    • Examples of galleria's snide remarks include:

      • "Do take it because it's not optional" in reference to how dorinda should change up her clothing and not embarrase the aesthetic of the cheetah girls.

      • "Thanks for having my back, Chuchie. You're the one." *proceeds to pat chanel's head on the top as if she is a dog.

  3. in the cheetahlicious diva bag, pull out the cheetah girls demo cd and the non-cheetah animal mask found in your  cheetahlicious diva bags.

    • Note: these diva bags are passed out to all audience members as they enter the movie screening​

  4. put on the mask and hold up the cd in your right hand as high up as you can.

  5. stand up and walk to the sides of the movie theater aisle.

  6. with the cds raised in the air and the animal mask on the participants' face, taunt to each other, "we go all around the world!" for a full minute. during this time, be sure to pace along the aisle and taunt this chant to at least 5 other participants. this will create chaos in the room.

    • Why do we wave those cds in the air?: as indication that if she continues this behavior, she will lose her cheetah sisters forever.The cds have a blown-up picture of galleria's face, whereas the rest of her girl group is in the background barely noticeable.

  7. After the time is up, the film will continue. at that moment, please return to your seats​, remove your masks and put away your cds until galleria makes another outlandish remark.

During the height of the movie, galleria removes herself from the cheetah girls after being accused by the other cheetahs for being too controlling. this is a crucial moment in cheetah fan history because we hate to see the cheetahs split up! let us now show the o.g. cheetahs why it's so important to stay true to the song, "Cheetah Sisters" and sticking together by creating our own cheetah bands. this participatory event will include fans grouping up into groups of 4, creating a song that emphasizes the bond that makes the cheetah girls sisters, and creating a hip dance routine to highlight the passions of dorinda, the seemingly least valued cheetah. You will have one hour to come up with an entire routine, so bring on the intensity! always remember that this activity is a team effort! we are not trying to recreate the split of the cheetah girls as illustrated in the cheetah girls, so don't be a controlling diva and take complete charge.

you will need: 

 -pencil and paper to write down lyrics

-cheetah chatter dictionary


-a statement/explanation on what makes your group special/cheetah worthy

-a name for your newly-formed group​​ 

-a sketch of a "look" that makes your group unique 

-colored pencils and markers for your sketch

-your inner cheetah diva to propel you through this hour

Time constraints:

-1 hour to plan the entire sing/dance routine

-4 to 5-minute performance

-1 minute for verbalization of statement/explanation of name of created group and why the group is special/cheetah worthy

-1 minute for verbalization of the reasoning behind the look for the group

*each group is allotted a total of 7 minutes for their entire presentation 


  1. break out into groups of 4. 

    • breakout sessions will occur after the scene with galleria leaving the cheetah girls at jackal johnson's studio happens.

  2. designate tasks to everyone. ensure that each task gets done:
    • writing down the lyrics​ 
      • can add a melody as well for brownie points​
    • choreographing dance moves
    • composing the statement/explanation
    • incorporating cheetah chatter lingo into the song​
      • NOTE: at least 5 ​terms/phrases must be incorporated into the lyrics to prevent disqualification 
        • look to the cheetahlicious diva bag for the cheetah chatter dictionary​
    • a sketch of a look that makes your group unique​​
      • examples can include a significant costume, makeup looks, or an object. we already provide you a costume to wear, so tap into your creative minds and create your own!
      • don't forget to add color to your sketches.
  3. Practice singing ​​and dancing to your created song until everyone is comfortable performing
    • suggested time for rehearsal: 30 minutes
  4. When you hear the song, "together we can" being played, this means that time is up.
    • be prepare to perform!
  5. each group will be given 7 minutes to perform their created song/dance routine in addition to their explanations for their group name and why they are worthy of being a cheetah. 
  6. winners will be determined by which group receives the loudest "growL" from the audience.
    • the more intense the growl, the better chances you will win. so growl like you mean it!
  7. once the winner is determined and the few minutes of cheetah pride simmers down, resume the film as normal to see how the cheetah girls find each other once again.

Cheetah a capella growl-down

Keep a diva in check