Get Rid of the Jackal Johnsons in Your Life

"The Cheetah Girls do not run with wolves or hang with hyenas. You tell him that The Cheetah Girls follow their own dreams and nobody else's. We depend on our family and our friends and the growl power of the cheetahlicious divas who came before us to see us home. We're gonna be stars our day, our way." - Galleria Garibaldi, The Cheetah Girls

Jackal Johnson

Ever run across people who try to change you into something that you know in your heart is not you? Well, this instance even occurs in films like The Cheetah Girls where a person tries to attack the girl group we very much so love and adore. Jackal Johnson, a record producer that tries to get the Cheetahs a record deal, can be seen as the smug antagonist in the film. Did he ever have intentions to help bring the Cheetahs to stardom without altering what makes them the "Cheetahs?" Not at all. Instead, Jackal blinds them through the incentives that he has for their careers. Ultimately, he wants to change them into different animals for Global Getdown, a band that the Cheetahs did not envision themselves evolving into. What a sneaky thing to do! Just as Galleria said, "You either walk with the devil, or you don't" when making the brave choice to walk away from Jackal Johnson's offer without the rest of the Cheetahs by her side, you can also make the choice to say NO to toxic people in your life. Don't be persuaded by those who are not looking out for your best interest because they will try to ruin you, as Jackal ruined the Cheetahs temporarily. If you feel like your integrity and your heart is being challenged, get out like Galleria immediately did. Getting rid of the Jackals in your life leads to a better peace of mind, reformed friendships, and greater confidence in yourself. I'm glad to see that the Cheetahs realized that their integrity, identity as Cheetahs, and their sisterhood doesn't deserve compromise just for a measly shot at fame.

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